• Face to face

    If you prefer face to face contact, which in many ways is very beneficial, we can arrange our coaching sessions in person in the agreed spot and time. I travel to meet my clients, but depending on the distance the fee needs to be adjusted.

  • On-line / Phone

    Thanks to modern technology both parties, client and coach, save time. Clients can perform coaching sessions from any place convenient to them. Such a choice also provides greater range of times and dates available to arrange coaching sessions via Skype or phone.

  • Workshops / Webinars

    In the events section the up-to-date information about the forthcoming workshops and free webinars can be found. Please contact me if you are interested in organizing workshops for your organization. I tailor the workshops on the client’s demand.


I have completed the Coaching Academy in London, the largest training organisation of its kind in the world. I am qualified as a Professional Personal Performance Coach and awarded to the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. I have learnt from the world well-know coaching mentors and trainers.

My purpose and calling is to inspire and motivate women to set ambitious personal and professional goals. I support them in reaching their full potential in order to create successful and fulfilling life. I work internationally and London is my current location.

I strongly believe that each of us has a purpose in life and we all need to face a number of challenges before we succeed.

Make your first step towards change and contact me.

Still not sure if coaching is right intervention for you? Contact me and we will discuss it.


Monika Czuj
Personal Performance Coach





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