I have completed the Coaching Academy in London, the largest training organisation of its kind in the world. I am qualified as a Professional Personal Performance Coach and awarded to the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. I have learnt from the world well-know coaching mentors and trainers. I am an International Coach working in English and Polish and my current location is London. I was also nominated for the International Coach Of The Year 2017 Award.

My purpose is to inspire and motivate women to set ambitious personal and professional goals. I support them in reaching their full potential in order to create a successful and fulfilling life and career. I help them to connect with themselves, believe in themselves, take the responsibility and deal with the ‘impossible’. There is no greater honour than being able to help them to unlock their potential and then see how they grow.

I offer one-to-one coaching and workshops (more information about workshops in London soon). You can also join NowShe Coaching Challenge facebook group if you would like to take part in monthly coaching challenges. You will find there lots of useful exercises and videos which I prepare on regular basis.

In my private life I am a happy mum of an eight-year-old daughter. She is the most wonderful girl, the best travel companion, my motivation and my teacher.

One client has recently said to me:  ‘(..) You are a person of an exceptional attention and authenticity. A lot of women can equate with you. You have incredible energy, passion and you are very hard-working. You are a self-made woman and everything you have achieved is thanks to yourself. You can be a real role-model for many women especially for single mothers. I think that this is what towers you above and makes you so special and distinguishing.’

Since the main source of our frustrations is rooted in the lack of priorities and goals, give yourself a chance to enhance the quality of your life and undergo the transformation via coaching. Make your first step towards change and contact me.

Still not sure if coaching is right intervention for you? Call me and we will discuss it.


Monika Czuj
Personal Performance Coach




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