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In the picture you can see me and my friend Ewelina Samolej - life & business coach and an amazing business woman. We were hoping to win the lottery and have a nice ride with this babe but all we got was a selfie of us three.

10:00 - 14:00

„I am disordered – I do not want to be rejected” – International Day of Poor and Disordered I had a pleasure of running coaching workshops for a group of around 100 teenagers and under-age prisoners. We talked about motivation and what can be done to have the strength to never give up. Many thanks…


800 women, 15 men and both my friend and I took part in ‘Independent Woman’ conference in Wroclaw, Poland. Kamila Rowinska, the trainer, ran the event which main topics were managing your finances, beliefs and career. I participated in this event because Kamila is definitely number 1 coach and trainer in Poland and as you…



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