The aim of coaching is to support clients in achieving their goals. It’s an interactive process where the coach guides and facilitates the client’s progress towards defined goals. Coaching helps to define where the client wants to go and gets them there faster and more easily than if they worked on their own. So the coach works with clients around their desire to move forward in their lives and achieve their ambitions and will encourage and support them in their coaching process.

A lot of people mistake coaching with other interventions and they assume that they will receive advice from coach. Coaching process is not designed to suggests any solutions to the client.

There are many different kinds of interventions, therefore one needs to be aware of them before they decide that coaching is the best intervention.

A therapist works with people who experienced some traumatic experiences in the past and as a consequence they deal with different dysfunctions in their present lives. In such case a therapist will help a client to explore their past in order to deal with the trauma.

A counsellor will listen to the concerns and anxieties of the client, which is impacting their everyday life.

A mentor is usually very experienced in a particular area and can give guidance

A consultant can diagnose the problem and recommend the solution or advice..

Thanks to modern technology both parties, client and coach, save time. Clients can perform coaching sessions from any place convenient to them. Such a choice also provides greater range of times and dates available to arrange coaching sessions via Skype or phone.

If you prefer face to face contact, which in many ways is very beneficial, we can arrange our coaching sessions in person in the agreed spot and time. I travel to meet my clients, but depending on the distance the fee needs to be adjusted.

Please contact me if you are interested in organizing workshops for your organization. I tailor the workshops on the client’s demand.

I believe that coaching is:

A positive process, tailor-made to suit the agenda of each individual client or organisation

A totally holistic process addressing the needs of the whole person

Founded on a unique, productive, interactive relationship between coach and client based on the 100% commitment of both parties

A vehicle for raising awareness and encouraging responsibility

A means of motivating and facilitating people to achieve their true potential through setting and achieving self-defined goals

A powerful process designed to match each client’s goals to their values

Based on the premise that all clients are creative and resourceful with the ability to elicit their own solutions

A partnership which challenges clients to recognise and build on their strengths, explore their current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forwards

Designed to keep clients on track, celebrate their successes and achieve their desired outcomes.


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